Sunday, February 12, 2006

Introducing Writerious

I am Writerious, and this is my blog. Here I will explore the mysteries of the writing life. I'm a writer and a voracious reader. I'll be writing about my own writing experiences, struggles with editors, the thrill of publication and the sting of rejection. I'll also review the books I'm reading, an eclectic assortment of whatever turns me on at the moment, be novels, essays, or books on writing.

If any of my readers are published authors, I'll be happy to review your works. Send them in a self-addressed stamped mailer if you need them back. I review only books that are published by traditional publishers, or that are truly self-published (that is, bear the imprint of your own one-writer publishing company). I do not review books that bear the imprint of any of the vanity publishers: AuthorHouse, Dorrance, XLibris, etc. If you paid to have it published and it bears the name of some company other than your own, and if you did not buy the ISBN from Bowker's directly, it's vanity published.

Subsequent posts will be, I hope, more interesting than this one. Stay tuned.

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