Saturday, February 18, 2006

Of flu and grumbling guts

Thursday night I thought I was shivering because my office was so friggin' cold (half the time the heaters are on and it's too hot, the other half the heaters are off and all the heat goes right out the uninsulated windows). But when I woke up Friday morning with a temperature of 101.4, I knew it wasn't just the temperature that was giving me the shakes and chills.

I had a class to teach in the morning, and it was too late to try to get someone to cover for me, so I went in, gave the cherubs the basics of DNA, had them do a couple of practice worksheets, and then handed them a computer activity to complete. As soon as class was out I headed home, a miserable hour's drive with my insides romping about, thinking maybe they'd like to be my outsides for a while. Took a hot bath, tucked myself into bed sometime around 1:00, shut the door to keep the kitties out, and stayed put, seeing as how by then my temperature had soared to 102.1. The family members were on their own for dinner. I didn't move out of bed except to visit the porcelain throne until this morning.

Now, with a book deadline past and me still trying to finish the thing -- it's a stinker of a book to write, because the topic they gave me was too broad -- the flu or whatever this vile virus is was the last thing I needed. I will prop myself up on the couch and do what I can to finish the thing.

I'd already been thinking, "I'm sick of this book!" I didn't expect the cosmos to take me so literally.

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