Saturday, April 22, 2006

Earth Day, Every Day: Free Ebook

To writers falls the responsibility of recording and transmitting their culture's values in tangible form that can be passed on to future generations. One may not think so looking at the offerings in the magazine racks at the average grocery store checkout counter. Yet so long as people buy them, companies will print them. Hence they're valued by someone, and thus are part of our culture's values. Alas.

Today, being Earth Day, I'd like to help transmit something with a bit more value than the latest news on Brad or Jen or whatever blonde young thing is on the covers of the gossip rags these days. Not that I can ever tell any of them apart any more. No, let's have something with a deeper impact. To wit, from the website, I found a link to this free ebook: .

While you're on the site, take the time to try the . I discovered that as frugal as I thought I was, if everyone on earth lived as I do, it would take 4 1/2 Earths to support us all. High time I re-implemented the frugal practices I learned from my grandmother. In our culture of entitlement, we seldom think of frugality, but in my grandmother's day, frugality was a necessity -- yet also a source of pride.


glenda said...

Happy Earth Day!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Happy Earth Day to you, and Toto, too!