Friday, April 28, 2006

Pete Doherty's Novel Plans

So... baby-faced says he wants to write a novel, according to the folks at Aversion.

That thin, heart-rending sound you hear is made up of the screams of thousands of talented, hard-working, dedicated novelists who have yet to make a living at what they love best.

Says the young music sensation, best known currently for injecting drugs into an unconscious female companion (a testimony to talent if I ever heard one, snark, snark), said in an interview to a London newspaper, "Every day I think about it; writing and music thrive off each other, they goad each other along, they make something complete."

Oh, that's deep. Gives me goosebumps, that does.

Well, who doesn't think about writing a novel when they're young? Petey, however, has the advantage of being a celebrity. Even now, some publisher may be on the phone, calling young Petey, saying, "Were you serious about that? Do you have an idea? We could help you with that... we know some excellent ghostwriters..."

It's enough to make a writer want to do drugs and kick reporters, or become a White House intern and diddle the president. Whatever it takes to get published, right?

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Anonymous said...

He's a very talented song writer thats for sure, and a gifted poet. You can be bitter, but i say good luck to the lad.